Towel Warmer Applications


Amba Products, based just outside of Atlanta GA, offers an expansive range of Italian design heated towel rails and space heaters for keeping towels and bathrooms warm and dry.

bathroom_IconTowel Warmers not only warm and dry damp bath towels but add a sense of comfort and luxury to your bathroom experience. A towel warmer provides an alternative source of heat in the bathroom and helps prevent mold.

Laundry IconElectric towel warmers are great for drying damp clothes. The digital heat controller allows you to safely dry more delicate items. Dry, wrinkled clothes can be refreshed by being hung on a towel warmer.

Pool IconPool or spa owners can benefit from a towel warmer. They are wonderful for keeping towels and bathing suits dry. Towel warmers also help reduce the humidity that is present in enclosed pool areas, especially with the large custom sizes that Amba offers.

GaragesMost Amba Towel Warmers can also function as space heaters, keeping garages warm and mildew free. In colder climates this application is a real asset. A towel warmer may also be used in warehouse/workshop applications.

Mud RoomMud rooms are a great location to add a towel warmer as it not only provides a warm welcome, but is also great for kid’s damp clothes and for drying/warming ski equipment and jackets.

Hotel IconAmba Towel Warmers are an incredible luxury and major asset to any hotel bathroom. Guests can enjoy the comfort of a warm dry towel, while the hotel and environment benefit from reduced laundry loads. Who wants to reuse a towel that is wet or damp?

BasementA towel warmer installed in a basement can help remove dampness and provide radiant hear, replacing central heating. Amba Towel Warmers offers an extensive selection of products, ensuring that the appropriate size towel warmer for this purpose can be obtained.

We offer these high quality products, made from 304 stainless steel, in a selection of finishes. Our mission is to bring to the North American market a range of affordable, high quality stainless steel towel warmers and space heaters, designed with today’s home and lifestyle in mind.
Our extensive selection of Towel Warmers enables us to provide multiple options for all customers so their needs and desires are met. If we do not have what you are looking for, we also offer custom Towel Warmers which will appeal to every unique taste.

Amba Towel Warmer Collections: Antus, Elory, Jeeves, Radiant, Sirio, Solo, Swivel, Quadro and Vega.

• Keeps towels, bathrobes and delicates, among other items, warm and dry
• Prevents towels from developing a musty/moldy smell – reducing laundry loads, power and water consumption
• Helps bathrooms stay warm in the winter
• Helps keep out humidity, mold and mildew
• Can be used at pools, spas & saunas, on boats & yachts, and in mudrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms, as well as basements and garages.
• Made from high-quality, environmentally friendly, 304 Stainless Steel (NOT steel plated!)
• Available in various high-quality finishes: brushed, polished, oil-rubbed bronze and white
• Multiple sizes available to fit all needs and applications
• Award-winning Italian designs, with a patented wire cable heating technology system
• Installs easily – wire as you would a light or wall sconce
• All units are UL or ETL approved for safety in Canada and the USA
• Can be controlled by a simple switch or a 24hr/7day programmable timer
• Digital Heat Controller is standard in the majority of our Italian made towel warmers
• Models consume minimal power – some equivalent to one or two light bulbs
• Custom shapes and sizes, Hydronic & 220V-240V versions are available by special order

Amba Towel Warmer Collection: Traditional

• Our traditional collection are the only towel warmers that we offer in a polished nickel finish, made of brass not stainless steel, due to requests for traditional design, look and materials
• A beautiful look and style towel warmer with traditional finial accents
• Can be controlled by a simple switch or a 24hr/7day programmable timer
• UL certified Italian heating element
• Invisible hardware kit included in the price