Bathroom Technology: Why simple is best

Crowdsourcing site Indigogo recently hosted a campaign by two New York entrepreneurs with promises to kill the towel with their invention the “Body Dryer”. Using “motorized forced air carrying massive amounts of anions” they claim to be able to dry an adult in about 30 seconds. It also includes a UV light combined with antimicrobial plastic material to provide “effective disinfection of the user’s feet”. This may sound like science fiction in action but the technology exists: the question is whether the product can stand the constant use and the hostile wet bathroom environment (technology and water seldom work well together).

Home-improvment technology is supposed to make life simpler and more effective; taking the stress out of common tasks and allowing people to focus on the more important issues. Replacing the simplicity of a hanging towel rack with a piece of technology might make your bathroom seem more futuristic, but in reality you may be setting yourself up for more problems. When you take into consideration the care, maintenance, and energy costs of systems like the Body Dryer, it may end up being much more expensive than just simply using a bath towel. Compare this to the simple design and operation of one of our electric towel warmers: Once it is hardwired there is very little maintenance needed: Hang your towel, warm it up, and replace it back once done. There are no complicated mechanical and electrical systems that are needed for the unit to operate, making it reliable and efficient: Technology should make our lives more convenient and comfortable, without having to increase costs dramatically (and possibly stress as well!).

If you are an adopter of early technology you might be interested in the Body Dryer, but for those of us who need simple solutions to common problems with minimal headaches, a nice heated towel rack is a simple yet luxurious solution to cold, wet towels. What “bathroom technology” could you not live without? Let us know in the comments!


Image source: Body Dryer Website

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  1. I agree. Technology is meant to make a task easier, not to complicate things by adding higher energy bills, etc. Just because something sounds exciting doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best option for solving a problem.

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