Timers, controllers, and switches! Oh my!

Even though having warm and dry towels is great, one of the best features of our heated towel racks is the fact that they can help you conserve electricity!  By hanging up your damp towels to dry out on these towel warmers, you are drastically reducing the rate that mold and mildew can grow meaning you need less laundry cycles to keep them fresh — and since their energy consumption is equal to one or two lightbulbs, you end up saving energy in the long run!

But what if you want to save even more electricity and don’t want your heated towel rack running 24/7?  There are a few options that can help you control when it turns on, for how long, and how hot your unit gets:

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Walk-In Tubs: Towel Warmer perfect Pairing

The modern bathroom has plenty of innovations that make fixtures more convenient and comfortable. A walk-in tub is one such bath option for those who find it difficult to get in and out of the modern bathtub or want to remain seated: especially helpful for the elderly or disabled. Unlike placing a chair in the shower, a walk-in tub seals and fills to submerge the user completely without needing a flexible shower head. This mechanism does have a major downside though: the tub needs to drain completely before one can get out — leaving the occupant wet and cold.

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Keeping your Home Warm this Winter

With fall almost here and cold weather looming on the horizon it’s time to get ready for winter! Keeping your home warm and cozy isn’t difficult if you take the time to prepare with some of these tips:

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