Timers, controllers, and switches! Oh my!

Even though having warm and dry towels is great, one of the best features of our heated towel racks is the fact that they can help you conserve electricity!  By hanging up your damp towels to dry out on these towel warmers, you are drastically reducing the rate that mold and mildew can grow meaning you need less laundry cycles to keep them fresh — and since their energy consumption is equal to one or two lightbulbs, you end up saving energy in the long run!

But what if you want to save even more electricity and don’t want your heated towel rack running 24/7?  There are a few options that can help you control when it turns on, for how long, and how hot your unit gets:

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Bathroom Technology: Why simple is best

Crowdsourcing site Indigogo recently hosted a campaign by two New York entrepreneurs with promises to kill the towel with their invention the “Body Dryer”. Using “motorized forced air carrying massive amounts of anions” they claim to be able to dry an adult in about 30 seconds. It also includes a UV light combined with antimicrobial plastic material to provide “effective disinfection of the user’s feet”. This may sound like science fiction in action but the technology exists: the question is whether the product can stand the constant use and the hostile wet bathroom environment (technology and water seldom work well together).

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