Do the Towel Warmers come with Switches?

  • Our Italian Towel Collections (ANTUS, ELORY, QUADRO, SIRIO, and VEGA) come with a Digital Heat Controller (except Q2016 & S2121) that has a built in on/off button. The Q2016 and S2121 will come with a simple push button on/off switch
  • The JEEVES and TRADITIONAL Collections do not come with a built-in switch. We offer separate switches/timers that allow you to place it in the most convenient position for your application. It also enables you to match the switch to the other fittings and décor of the room. These units work with our 7day/24hr programmable timer (ATW-T24) or the simple rocker pilot switch (ATW-S-W/A). We have a double-gang faceplate (JEEVES ONLY) that allows you to install the switch or timer next to the unit.
  • The RADIANT, SOLO and SWIVEL collections come with integrated on/off switches on the unit.