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Rail Length Door Opening Size SKU
70 7/8" 29 1/2" – 35 7/16" USU34-1800EF
82 11/16" 35 13/16" – 39 3/8" USU34-2100EF
90 9/16" 39 3/4" – 44 1/16" USU34-2300EF
100" 44 1/2" – 49 3/16" USU34-2540EF
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SKU: USU34-1800EF.

Maximum Door Weight

320 lbs

Door Thickness

5/16″ – 1/2″

Included in kit

Rail, wall attachments, two trolleys, two door stoppers, one bottom guide, and allen key

• High quality 304 stainless steel sliding door hardware for glass doors
• Barn door hardware styling with smooth, quiet trolleys
• ADA compliant – suitable for commercial and residential applications
• Not Height-adjustable
• Door weight up to 320lbs (145kg)
• Door thickness 5/16″ – 1/2″ glass
• Approved for 175,000 cycles — exceeding lifetime cycle criteria
• Intertek tested  and passed Grade 1 requirements of ANSI/BHMA A156.14-2013 “American National Standard for Sliding and Folding Door Hardware”
• Made in Germany

Additional Features

• Can be used for double door applications (bi-parting & bypassing doors)
• Can be hung from the ceiling, with additional hardware
• Couplers are available to join to systems together
• Can be mounted to glass walls

Additional Components

• USO226-19EF (Spacer for Glass door – length = 3/4″; Item is used when baseboard or casing requires additional clearance)
• USO216-2EF/5EF/10EF (Compensation discs – thickness = 1/16″, 3/16″ & 3/8″; item is used when wall is not perfectly flat/level)
• USO206EF (Coupler; Item is used to join two rails together, note doors cannot pass over coupler)
• USO248EF (Ceiling Fixture for single rail; Item is used to mount a single solid rail from the ceiling)
• USO249EF (Ceiling fixture for two rails; Item is used to mount two solid rails from the ceiling, creating bypassing doors)
• USO230G (Glass fastening set; Item is used to mount a solid rail onto a glass wall or surface)
• USO240EF (Wall joint; Item is used to mount rail onto a perpendicular wall for additional support)
• USO242EF (Adjustable Wall fixture; wall attachment for use with solid rail systems, has 1/4″ of wall clearance adjustment)
• USO255EF (Door stopper set; Item is used for bi-parting glass door systems to prevent glass doors from hitting each other when closing, sold in pairs)
• USO245-8EF/10EF/12EF (Glass joint plate for skylight and rail – for glass thickness: 5/16″, 3/8″ and 1/2″; Item is used to mount solid rail systems on two separate glass panels)


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